Vol 11, No 1 (2010)

Money Matters: The Law, Economics, and Politics of Currency

Table of Contents

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Introduction PDF
Anat Rosenberg, TIL Student Board
Political Economy of Supplying Money to a Growing Economy: Monetary Regimes and the Search for an Anchor to Stabilize the Value of Money PDF
Richard Sylla
Alternative Approaches to Money PDF
L. Randall Wray
The Meanings of Money: A Sociological Perspective PDF
Bruce G. Carruthers
Central Bank Transparency: Causes, Consequences and Updates PDF
Nergiz Dincer, Barry Eichengreen
The Crisis of Invented Money: Liquidity Illusion and the Global Credit Meltdown PDF
Anastasia Nesvetailova
International Financial Centers: The British-Empire, City-States and Commercially Oriented Politics PDF
Ronen Palan
The Jurisprudence of Global Money PDF
Roy Kreitner
Credit Cooperatives in Early Israeli Statehood: Financial Institutions and Social Transformation PDF
Neta Ziv
Applied Legal History: Demystifying the Doctrine of Odious Debts PDF
Sarah Ludington, Mitu Gulati, Alfred L. Brophy
Inventing Industrial Statistics PDF
Michael Zakim
The Moneylender as Magistrate: Nicholas Biddle and the Ideological Origins of Central Banking in the United States PDF
Jeffrey Sklansky
Coin Reconsidered: The Political Alchemy of Commodity Money PDF
Christine Desan
Elements of Negotiability in Jewish Law in Medieval Christian Spain PDF
Elimelech Westreich
The Role of Lawyers in Producing the Rule of Law: Some Critical Reflections PDF
Robert W. Gordon