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Theoretical Inquiries in Law

Theoretical Inquiries in Law (TIL) is a biannual peer-reviewed English-language law journal published by the Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Law at the Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University. The journal specializes in the application to legal problems of insights developed in other disciplines, such as moral and political theory, epistemology, history, cultural studies, social sciences, economics and game theory, probability theory, and cognitive psychology. The range of issues dealt with by the journal is virtually unlimited, in line with its commitment to the cross-disciplinary cultivation of ideas. Contributors to the journal are distinguished legal scholars working in different “law and . . .” areas. The journal also strives to offer a forum for contributions to legal theory by scholars working in disciplines outside of law.

TIL has the highest impact factor among all non-U.S. law reviews, and is well-known and much-cited in Israel and all over the world.

Each year TIL publishes one volume, which is comprised of two separate issues. Each issue contains about eight to fifteen articles dedicated to a distinctive topic of law or legal theory, contributing groundbreaking research and new insights in the field. Recent topics include legal responses to the contemporary family, international cooperation regarding climate change, financial regulation, the legitimacy of international courts, beyond the public and private distinctions, and more.

The current issue, Volume 21, Number 2 (July 2020), Historical Justice in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, explores various aspects of historical justice in the conflict.

Drafts of all articles are presented in biannual international conferences that are held by the Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Law. The conferences are organized by prominent researchers who also serve as guest editors. Each conference is dedicated to a specific topic and includes prominent researchers who write on that topic. Refereeing for each issue is done by two guest editors. In the editorial process, initial drafts are presented at a conference, and each of them is assigned a designated commentator. In addition, these drafts are discussed by conference participants. Following the conference, and based on these comments, each author submits a revised version, which is reviewed by the guest editors prior to acceptance for publication.


Researchers interested in organizing a conference are invited to contact Prof. Yishai Blank, the Director of the Cegla Center: klement@tauex.tau.ac.il.  

TIL is available in electronic form on the De Gruyter law database. It also appears in LexisWestlawLegalTrac and HeinOnline.

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