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Kalman, Laura
Kamar, Ehud, Professor of Law at the University of Southern California and Affiliate Professor and Co-Director of the Fischer Center for Corporate Governance and Capital Market Regulation at the Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law
Kapur, Ratna, Centre for Feminist Legal Research, New Delhi Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Katz, Ariel, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
Katz, Larissa, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Toronto, Canada
Katz, Leo
Keating, Gregory C., William T. Dalessi Professor of Law, University of Southern California Law School
Kedar, Alexandre, Lecturer in the University of Haifa's Faculty of Law
Kemp, Adriana
Keren-Paz, Tsachi, Lecturer, The College of Management, School of Law, Israel
Kerr, Ian
Kerret, Dorit, Department of Public Policy and Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Kessler, Amalia D., Professor of Law and (by courtesy) History, and Helen L. Crocker Faculty Scholar, Stanford University.
Kirov, Jani, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Frankfurt am Main.
Klabbers, Jan, University of Helsinki
Klass, Gregory
Klement, Alon, Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University
Klonoff, Robert, Lewis & Clark Law School
Kochevar, Steven, Yale Law School
Kohn, Nina A.
Kolben, Kevin, Assistant Professor, Rutgers Business School.
Kornhauser, Lewis A., Alfred and Gail Engelberg Professor of Law, New York University
Kornhauser, Marjorie E., Professor of Law, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University.
Kortum, Sam, Economics Department, Yale University
Koskenniemi, Martti, University of Helsinki
Koskenniemi, Martti, University of Helsinki, New York University
Kraamwinkel, Margriet, FNV
Kreitner, Roy
Kreitner, Roy, Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.
Kreitner, Roy, Tel Aviv University
Krever, Richard, Monash University, Melbourne.
Kricheli-Katz, Tamar, Tel Aviv University