Vol 13, No 1 (2012)

Rights and Obligations in the Contemporary Family: Retheorizing Individualism, Families and the State

Table of Contents

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Introduction PDF
Yael Braudo, TIL Student Board
From Rights and Obligations to Contested Rights and Obligations: Individualization, Globalization, and Family Law PDF
Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim
The Liberal Transformation of Spousal Law: Past, Present and Future PDF
Shahar Lifshitz
Self-Restraint: Social Norms, Individualism and the Family PDF
John Eekelaar
The Family and the Market — Redux PDF
Maxine Eichner
The Legal Relationship Between Cohabitants and Their Partners’ Children PDF
Cynthia Grant Bowman
Who and What Is a Mother? Maternity, Responsibility and Liberty PDF
Michael Freeman, Alice Margaria
The Costs of Raising Children: Toward a Theory of Financial Obligations Between Co-Parents PDF
Ayelet Blecher-Prigat
Lay Intuitions About Family Obligations: The Case of Alimony PDF
Ira Mark Ellman, Sanford L. Braver
Family Law Reform in Australia, or Frozen Chooks Revisited Again? PDF
Reg Graycar
Something Old, Something New? Re-Theorizing Patriarchal Relations and Privatization from the Outskirts of Family Law PDF
Shelley A.M. Gavigan
Rethinking the Right to Procreate: An African Imperative PDF
Mulela Margaret Munalula
Economic Consequences of Marriage and Its Dissolution: Applying a Universal Equality Norm in a Fragmented Universe PDF
Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Marsha A. Freeman
Introducing the Political Family: A New Road Map for Critical Family Law PDF
Zvi Triger