Vol 19, No 2 (2018)

The Tragedy of the Commons at 50: Context, Precedents, and Afterlife

Table of Contents

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Introduction PDF
Alon Jasper, TIL Editorial Board
The Banality of the Commons: Efficiency Arguments Against Common Ownership Before Hardin PDF
Stuart Banner
Before the Tragedy of the Commons: Early Modern Economic Considerations of the Public Use of Natural Resources PDF
Nathaniel Wolloch
Commons and Environmental Regulation in History: The Water Commons Beyond Property and Sovereignty PDF
Alice Ingold
Cold-War Commons: Tragedy, Critique, and the Future of the Illiberal Problem Space PDF
Monica Eppinger
The “Commons” Discourse on Marine Fisheries Resources: Another Antecedent to Hardin’s “Tragedy” PDF
Harry N. Scheiber
Savagery, Civilization, and Property: Theories of Societal Evolution and Commons Theory PDF
David B. Schorr
Historicizing Elinor Ostrom: Urban Politics, International Development and Expertise in the U.S. Context (1970-1990) PDF
Fabien Locher
Indigenous Peoples, Political Economists and the Tragedy of the Commons PDF
Michel Morin
Commons and Cognition PDF
Carol M. Rose
Confronting Hardin: Trends and Approaches to the Commons in Historiography PDF
Giacomo Bonan
Give Us Back Our Tragedy: Nonrivalry in Intellectual Property Law and Policy PDF
Oren Bracha
Re-romanticizing Commons and Community in Israeli Discourse: Social, Economic, and Political Motives PDF
Amnon Lehavi
Impeachment by Judicial Review: Israel’s Odd System of Checks and Balances PDF
Yoav Dotan
Israel’s “Constitutional Revolution”: A Thought from Political Liberalism PDF
Frank I. Michelman