Vol 14, No 1 (2013)

Reaching International Cooperation on Climate Change Mitigation

Table of Contents

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Editorial Board PDF
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Introduction PDF
Yael Braudo, TIL Student Board
Mitigation, Adaptation or Climate Engineering? PDF
Guy P. Brasseur, Claire Granier
The Montreal Protocol Protection of Ozone and Climate PDF
David W. Fahey
Two Stories About E.U. Climate Change Law and Policy PDF
Navraj Singh Ghaleigh
Orchestrating a Low-Carbon Energy Revolution Without Nuclear: Germany’s Response to the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis PDF
Miranda A. Schreurs
Transformations in Brazilian Deforestation and Climate Policy Since 2005 PDF
Eduardo Viola
An Analytical Comparison of Various Influential Models of China’s Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Role PDF
Yu Jie, Yin Le
Differentiation in the Emerging Climate Regime PDF
Lavanya Rajamani
In-Country Disparities in Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Their Significance for Politicizing a Future Global Climate Pact PDF
Dan Rabinowitz
Close Examination of the Principle of Global Per-Capita Allocation of the Earth’s Ability to Absorb Greenhouse Gas PDF
Yoram Margalioth, Yinon Rudich
Unilateral Carbon Taxes, Border Tax Adjustments and Carbon Leakage PDF
Joshua Elliott, Ian Foster, Sam Kortum, Gita Khun Jush, Todd Munson, David Weisbach
Where There’s a Will There’s a Way – A Theoretical Analysis of the Connection Between Social Policy and Environmental Performance PDF
Dorit Kerret, Renana Shvartzvald
Building a More Effective Global Climate Regime Through a Bottom-Up Approach PDF
Richard B. Stewart, Michael Oppenheimer, Bryce Rudyk
International Governance of Climate Engineering PDF
Edward A. Parson, Lia N. Ernst