Vol 19, No 1

Re-Thinking Race and Ethnicity in Brazil: Essays in Honor of Thomas E. Skidmore

Guest Editor / Edición a cargo de: Jerry Dávila, James N. Green, Jeffrey Lesser

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Jerry Dávila, James N. Green, Jeffrey Lesser
Workers, Soldiers, Activists: Black Mobilization in Brazil and Spanish America, 1800-2000 PDF
George Reid Andrews
O Racismo no microscópio: Oracy Nogueira e o projeto UNESCO PDF
Marcos Chor Maio
Africanism and Racial Democracy: The Correspondence between Herskovits and Arthur Ramos (1935–1949) PDF
Antonio Sérgio Alfredo Guimarães
The Defiant Life and Forgotten Death of Apulco de Castro: Race, Power, and Historical Memory PDF
Thomas H. Holloway
Quality, Nation, and Color: Constructing Identities in Central Brazil, 1775-1835 PDF
Mary Karasch
Erecting and Erasing Boundaries: Can We Combine the “Indo” and the “Afro” in Latin American Studies? PDF
Barbara Weinstein
The Politics of Inequality in Brazil: A Historiographical Survey of the Works of Thomas E. Skidmore PDF
Jennifer Lambe, Orville A. Carey Turnquest, Yi Liu, Ana Catarina Teixeira, Natan Zeichner

Book Reviews

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Pablo Yankelevich